Thermal oil Heaters

Thermal oil Heaters

The thermal oil heaters is our main product, she answers the following regulation:

European directive 97-23-CE
Codes of conception EN-13445, AD-Merkblätter, ASME…
Regulation on devices pressure and Technical Complementary Instructions of the Department of Industry and energy
Spanish regulation UNE 9-310 on the “Installations with transmission of heat by means of a liquid different than water”
German regulation DIN-4754 on the « Installations with transmission of heat »
Regulations “Safety in machines”

In these moments we are making the fifth generation of thermal oil heater, with a combustion chamber designed to guarantee low emission of NOx and yields half-close 90 %.


-Electric switchboard with PLC and touch screen Telemecanique
-Cap Ari


-Productrangefrom 0,1 till 15 MW
-Vertical execution
-Twocoils, three fumes pitch
-Nameplatepressure: 7bar
-Proofpressure: 16bar
-Nameplatetemperature: 300ºC


-Horizontal execution
-Nameplatepressure: 20bar
-Nameplatetemperature: 400ºC
-Admission N2 orfire-fighting
-Execution ATEX
-Executions « CUSTOM »