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Solar thermal power plants need thermal oil boilers to produce the superheated steam to generate the electricity in the turbines.

Solar thermal energy harnesses solar heat for the production of either thermal or electrical energy.

Parabolic troughs are usually used to trap the solar radiation. These have a central focal line, such as a tube where the energy is concentrated. Thermal oil circulates through the interior of this pipeline and is heated by solar energy to different temperatures, depending on the technology used.

In the case of solar thermal energy, this thermal oil is heated to a temperature of 393°C and is transported to thermal oil-steam heat exchangers. The hot thermal oil produces the necessary superheated steam to be used by the steam turbine to generate electricity.

During periods of low solar radiation and consequently low production of electrical energy, there are auxiliary thermal oil boilers where the oil is heated by gas combustion.

Solar thermal energy is used in a similar way, but usually at a lower temperature. The thermal requirements of the vast majority of these types of facilities reach up to 250°C. In this case, the thermal fluid circuit is extremely simple, as only the parabolic trough collectors and an auxiliary thermal oil boiler are required. Both solar and conventional circuits are conveniently connected by secondary recirculation groups for fully automatic circuit operation.

Pirobloc designs and manufactures complete thermal oil circuits for solar thermal power plants that guarantee continuous operation with maximum energy efficiency.


Energia Solar Pirobloc

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