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Pirobloc provides efficient, safe and custom solutions to heat different types of equipment used on the textile industry, among which there are:

Stamping tunnels




Thermal fluid heating solutions are widely used in the textile industry. Equipment such as calenders, rollers and especially printing tunnels are usually heated using a thermal oil system.

The function of a thermal fluid boiler in the textile industry is to eliminate or reduce the fibre water content; or, in short, to dry the fabric. This usually requires a relatively high amount of thermal energy, so choosing a suitable heating technology is a very important factor.

Given the relatively high power of thermal oil boilers, it is common in the textile industry for a thermal fluid boiler to be equipped with a mixed burner that can work with natural gas, diesel or heavy fuel oil, depending on fuel availability and market price.

A fully installed reserve pump guarantees the operation of the thermal oil system continuously 24 hours a day, without having to stop to perform maintenance on the pump.

The drying capacity of the system determines the power of the thermal oil boiler, which is calculated according to the type of material, the ink to be dried and the printing speed. Usually in these types of circuits, the boiler output temperature is about 260°C. In each of the drying zones a thermal oil/air heat exchanger is provided, like a unit heater with a finned tube to increase the heat exchange surface.

A different working temperature can be selected in each zone due to the arrangement of the 3-way regulating valves, which provide a highly accurate and stable drying temperature.

Pirobloc has extensive experience in the application of efficient thermal fluid solutions in the textile industry.

The following image shows the classic thermal oil circuit scheme for the textile sector with a boiler and a pump.


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