Choosing the right thermal fluid heater

Thermal Oil Heater


There is a huge range of options for hot oil boilers. Each of these designs is thought with a special application, environment, or budget in mind. Here we describe the important factors to consider when comparing heating options.


Cost is always the first factor to take into account on any investment; but the real cost of a hot oil boiler is much more than just the initial price. You also need to think about other costs such as fuel costs, replacement of the thermal fluid, maintenance or spare parts.


Fuel efficiency requirements vary depending on the fuel type, fuel availability, application, working time, service temperature, etc.

The size

The size of the combustion chamber and the flame projection are also critical for the design of the thermal fluid heater. A good sized combustion chamber will ensure a right heat transfer and in consequence a right efficiency, security and reliability.


The coil heating surface it’s also very important. A wide surface is the starting point of a good heating system design. Inadequate heating surface on heating coils will limit the efficiency your effectiveness and lead to higher film temperature. That means higher cost maintenance on your heat transfer fluid due to its degradation and also potential danger.

The fluid

Fluid velocity and pressure drop are also crucial for any hot oil system. As high is the fluid circulation as better is the heat transfer. So, the aim is to have smokes temperature as low as possible in order to increase the thermal efficiency. Also, low pressure drop means less power rate on main hot oil circulating pumps, saving energy, saving money.

At Pirobloc we advise you the best thermal oil boiler choice for your process.