Expansion tank level transmitter for thermal hot oil circuits



Now we talk about the subject of level measurement in the expansion and collecting tanks. PIROBLOC stakes by the transmitter magnetic level indicator for its many advantages, but mainly for the improvement provided in safety. Minimizes the risk of leakage associated with accidents resulting from breakage that can occur in other systems such use glass or methacrylate in his reading chamber in which hot oil is located.

Consists basically of a parallel chamber to the tank, connected to it by two points. A magnetic float circulates for this chamber which indicates the position of the fluid level through an external terminal with magnetic strips.

Detail of the magnetic plates level indicator

Detail of the magnetic plates level indicator


  • Absolute measurement redundancy.
  • Communication: HART, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus.
  • Approvals: CE, AD 2000/ASME B31.1, ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, GOST, Marine approvals and SIL.

The assembly is vertical and laterally to the tank, by flanges or threads.
Range temperature: -200ºC to +400ºC.
Complementarily can be added electrical signals type switch or continuous reading. Highlighting the following characteristics:

  • Optimal viewing without energy supply.
  • Proportional indication to the height of the tank contents.
  • Simple, robust and strong design.
  • The pressure is separated between the chamber and the local display.
  • Multiple executions.

PIROBLOC, involved in zero accidents goal, offers this level measurement system in his tanks.

You can read the data sheet here: [id = wpdm_file 7]