Expansion tanks ASME for thermal fluid


Expansion tanks ASME

Pirobloc designs and manufactures expansion tanks ASME for thermal fluid.

They can be supplied as a skid including all the control instrumentation and security devices.

The construction material of the expansion tanks ASME for thermal fluid is ASTM A 516 Gr 60, allowing a total thickness corrosion of 3 mm. Manhole equipped of 24 “150 lbs, as well as the nitrogen inlet for pressurization and inerting of the circuit. They include all control valves and pressure transmitters for the regulation of the split range.

It also has a safety valve for discharging (driven to the collection tank), a vacuum breaking valve and another one for emptying.

Expansion tanks ASME for thermal fluid

Expansion tank ASME for thermal fluid U Stamp of 50,000 l

The tank volume is calculated based on the total volume of thermal oil circuit, on the operating temperatures and on the type of fluid used. Our engineering department makes these calculations and prescribes the most appropriate volume to each particular application.

The level control is carried in these tanks through a magnetic sheets level transmitter including also an alarm of minimum level. This tool allows you to read easily the measure of the tank level, regardless of the availability of the tank. Additionally, we can provide Hart or Profibus communication for integration into DCS systems. Also, we can add SIL security levels or classification for ATEX environment.

Additional options

Optionally, ASME expansion tanks for thermal fluid can be designed and manufactured under ATEX execution for classified hazardous areas. Additionally, they can also have a heating element to prevent freezing of the fluid in the event that the ambient temperatures are extremely low. In these cases, we also include thermal insulation of the tank and its associated fittings.

The design code is ASME Section I Division VIII, U Stamp.