Thermal oil characteristics

What is thermal oil and where can you buy it?

Thermal oil is basically used to carry heat from a given location to another, after being preheated by any method able to do it, whether it is a burner, a resistance, or another device. Thermal oil is also known as heat transfer fluid, HTF, or thermal fluid.

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Its product of the distillation of oil, from a refined mineral basis that either suffer slight modifications varying viscosity conditions and operating temperature or freezing, or physicochemical deeper changes, that cause what is known as synthetic thermal oil.

In any case, the thermal oil, which has meant a real technological revolution in comparison with conventional systems, is extremely used in processes requiring high temperatures (between 180ºC to 280 °C), but with low pressure operation. It is also used in processes in which heating and cooling is needed on the same equipment.

thermal oil

Practical cases

In practice, the industrial use of thermal oil has brought many advantages to enable advanced heat control systems, providing much higher performance and significant cost savings. That’s because the characteristics of the thermal oil avoid corrosion or fouling in pipes that transport it, providing additional safety in the specific activities of the industry or company that needs an efficient and indirect heating system.

If we add fuel savings associated with the process of heating by thermal oil, which is estimated between 20-25% in relation to the use of steam, we will see that this is an efficient, advanced and economic system.

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