The used oils and their elimination


The question

For those already users of thermal oil facilities, as well as, for the companies taking the decision of installing this technology, we want to clarify the question: What can you do with the used thermal oil, once its useful life is finished?

Oil of industrial use

Following what we have said in our previous blogs, the oil of industrial use, being mineral or synthetic, it has some properties that make it able for the transport and transmission of indirect heat in industrial processes thanks to its properties, having a useful life superior to the 25.000 working hours, whenever the installation has the following premises:

  • A correct dimensioning of the installation.
  • A correct design of the thermal oil heater.
  • A correct evacuation of the vapors.
  • The tightness of the installation to avoid the oil oxidation.
  • Demanded hours of work.
  • And the election of the most appropriate thermal oil for the necessary working temperature in the process, as well as, of the recirculation group.

Once the oil has lost its properties, it should be changed, using a new one. In the market there are companies that they collect it for its destruction, or in some cases, for its preparation for its use as fuel in big steel furnaces and big industrial companies of several sectors.

Other types of used oils (as dielectric ones, lubricant oils, etc.) they are regenerable if the owner doesn’t mix them with vegetable oils, synthetic ones, water or solid particles, before they are picked up by the company specialized in recycling. The service of picking up will be free or paid, according with the analyses previously realised by them on oils.