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Heating ovens are heating devices of varying dimensions depending on the needs of a project. A thermal fluid boiler heats the radiators arranged inside the oven. The thermal insulation system of high density rockwool enables a system efficiency of 100%. Temperature regulation is fully automatic via a microprocessor regulator, achieving high stability and accuracy. The usual operating temperature range of our heating ovens is from 30 to 300°C.

Heating is performed by both radiation and convection which facilitates the transmission of heat to parts arranged inside the furnace. The equipment has hinged doors with motorized arms and automatic opening and closing. The doors are provided with sealing gaskets and manual closing with microswitches to prevent heating while open. The system also has an audible alarm and manual reset system.

The heating oven receives heated air from a battery (thermal oil-air heat exchanger) via a nozzle heated from above and below. Air ducts built of carbon steel plate. Support and anchorage are arranged on a suspended structure facilitating its linear expansion.

This is also implemented via several independent curved heating sections. The device contains all components to ensure safety of operation.

The metallic structure consists of steel profiles with the possibility of having shelves to support any large loads arranged within. The oven body is composed of galvanized sheet metal panels (coated on the inside and lacquered on the outside), with a panel thickness of 35mm, thermally insulated with rigid polyurethane foam of density 60 kg/m3.

The power source can be natural gas, LPG, diesel or electricity.

Our heating ovens are supplied fully wired from an electrical panel to all single block unit electrical equipment, ready for installation and commissioning.

Optionally, the internal oven temperature can be controlled by thermocouples measured on the surface or by immersion, so that all part or air temperatures can be monitored.

It is a compact, single block device which may be transported, depending on its dimensions, for different heating processes, according to the requirements of the different plants.

It is useful for heating drums in the chemical and petrochemical sectors and metallurgical industry, as well as being very suitable for preheating molds for the plastic injection industry.

We can perform customized versions by designing the oven for end user needs, whether in terms of temperature, number of curves or dimensions, for example:

  • Heating drums
  • Heating press molds
  • Automatic door opening
  • Heating by radiation and convection
  • 100% efficiency
  • High density thermal insulation
  • Customized versions

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