Steam electric boilers

Electric steam boilers are heat generators which use electricity as their power source instead of the traditional fuel burning. Steam is generated by heat transfer at a constant pressure. Generally, the body of these boilers contains the electric resistors and all the valves and instruments necessary for interconnection with the process.

These ESB boilers have a horizontal structure and a range of electric power varying from 25 to 2500 kW. This type of boiler is often used in the creation of clean environments, because they supply very pure steam.

Electric steam boilers are mainly used in the chemicals, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries, both for heating all kinds of fluids and in sterilisation processes. They are also used in hide handling and pressing, laboratories, and treatment of different types of surface.

There are also special ESB models with different steam productions, stainless steel construction, ATEX configuration, service pressure up to 20 bar, double feed pump, automatic salt removal and blow-down. All boilers are supplied with all necessary safety and control elements.


Main features

  • Horizontal execution
  • Service pressure: 8 bar
  • Test pressure: 16 bar
  • Low losses due to radiation, because of very thick installation.
  • Easy access for inspection and maintenance.
  • High volume of steam.
  • Optimum heat transfer.
  • Different powers and pressures: Design pressure is 9 bar, maximum service temperature is 8 bar, and special configurations are possible.
  • Efficiency level 100%.
  • Simple installation and use.
  • No combustion products or other pollutants emitted.

Standard Components

  • Feeding water pump brand GRUNDFOSS
  • Control panel brand TELEMECANIQUE
  • Pressure switches brand DANFOSS


  • Service pressure: 20 bar
  • Double feeding pump
  • Salt automatic purges
  • Telemanagement
  • ATEX execution
  • “Custom” executions


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