Minimizing capital expenditure is always a big factor to consider in the buying process. Many times, getting up and running as soon as possible is equally critical to avoid production delays.

Once we take into account every other variable, a properly refurbished used industrial boiler can be the best choice.

And in that precise moment is when our used industrial boilers come in handy. Pirobloc has a range of with its own designed and built industrial hot oil boilers completely refreshed for a second life, ready to ship at a moment’s notice

Fuel source conversions can be requested, as well as other specifications.

Quick shipment

We are extremely aware of the urgency of the customer that wants to buy a pre-owned boiler.

That’s why we don’t wait until a booking has come through to do the inspection and proper refurbish. We do all the work upfront so we can ship the boiler to your premises as fast as possible.

Expert Engineer Support

We don’t leave you on the dark. Our expert team of technicians and engineers will work to help you get back on track.

Used industrial boilers stock

Our portable boiler room is fitted inside an ISO 40 foot container that can be loaded into a trailer and moved around at will.

It consists of two thermal oil heaters of 1200 kw each, with complete plumbing and electrical installation, proper lighting, gas leakage detection, thermal insulation and full ventilation and heating system also integrated.

The applications that most often benefit of such a setup are:

  • Storage tank heating
  • Extractions
  • Reactor tanks
  • Reheaters
  • Stamping presses
  • Industrial ovens and fryers
  • Natural Gas handling
  • Sleeved tanks
  • Indirect steam generators
  • In line gases and liquids
  • Press moulds
  • Fuel oil and subproducts
  • Rollers
  • Building heaters
  • Autoclaves ovens

The full characteristics are described in the following Datasheet

Portable Boiler Room

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