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We offer customized, efficient solutions for reactor heating used in industrial adhesive and glue manufacturing, which as sold in diverse formats, such as:






The sector of industrial adhesives, glues, hot melt adhesives and hot melt is one of the main fields of application of thermal oil boilers.

The type of adhesive and its packaging can be very varied. Our customers provide products in formats as diverse as pads, pastilles, drums and packets.

The main application of thermal oil in the industrial adhesive industry is the supply of heat for reactors. These must have a heating jacket or double bottom so the reactor can be heated by thermal fluid. This process can also be performed using a helical outer coil called a half pipe. The thermal oil enables the adhesive inside the reactor to be heated accurately at high temperature using 3-way valves and secondary recirculation groups.

The reactor product outlet should also be heated with thermal oil. Thus, a concentric thermal oil pipe is attached to the process tubing through which the glue circulates. This keeps the adhesive warm and sufficiently liquid for processing. The same procedure is used to heat both process valves and pumps.

Another characteristic type of technology in this industrial sector is the pastillator. It is a rotary machine which makes small pastilles of adhesive using the heat from thermal fluid.

Pirobloc supplies thermal oil boilers that enable these processes to be carried out with great precision and efficiency.

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