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Fluidos viscosos

How Rayleigh’s number links conduction and convection

The term convection comes from the Latin convectare, which means to take to a place. In heat transfer, the concept of convection refers to the process of moving thermal energy from or to a solid by means of an adjacent fluid in motion, in the presence of a temperature gradient

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What is a P&ID?

P&ID is defined as a diagram of piping and instrumentation and it shows the process flow in pipes, as well as, the equipment installed and instrumentation.

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How to simplify for small Biot numbers

In the analysis of heat transfer processes, some bodies can be considered to behave as a unit, with an internal temperature essentially uniform (although not constant) at all times during the heat transfer process.

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Advection inside thermal hidraulics

When speaking about the transfer of any physical property, in general three basic concepts of transport are considered: molecular, advective and convective. The concept of convection is considered a combination of molecular transport and advective transport.

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