Suction heaters

Pirobloc designs, manufactures and installs customized suction heaters based on the needs of each customer and project.

Our suction heaters are supplied with all nozzles for the thermal fluid inlet and outlet and product. Support for large devices can be supplied by an anchorage to the base of the tank.

Suction heaters are used to heat products inside storage tanks, especially when these products are solid or semi-solid at low temperatures. To pump and transport these properly, their viscosity must be reduced and fluidity increased by heating with the suction heaters.

The transfer fluid is thermal oil from a thermal oil boiler. In fact, conceptually a suction heater is a heat exchanger where the primary fluid is thermal oil and the secondary is the product itself.
The most common applications of this technology are for heating tanks of asphalt, bitumen, heavy fuel oil and others.


Technical features

  • Power range: 0.1 to 10,000 kW
  • Maximum permissible pressure: 20 bar
  • Test pressure: 30 bar
  • Maximum operating pressure: 15 bar
  • Operating temperature: up to 340°C
  • Design temperature: 350°C
  • Design code: ASME VIII Div. 1, EN 13445, AD2000

Operation of suction heaters

The equipment is attached by a main flange to the side of the tank. It is usually located at the bottom and near to the product suction zone. The end part inside the tank is the inlet and is open to facilitate the entry of the product for heating and to promote its heating. A flange placed on the outside of the tank is the hot product outlet, ready to be transferred. The heater design is an open housing U-tube.

It is a fork type tubular beam which is easy to extract and clean. It is made of ASTM A 106 Gr B carbon steel. The heating and power surface are suitably selected to meet the requirements of the process. The usual input variables are product type, viscosity, tank volume and product flow rate.

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