Boiler body

  • Brand: PIROBLOC
  • Model: CE-108
  • Maximum heating power: 108 kW
  • Approved and CE marked according to European Directive 2014/68 / EU
  • Designed and manufactured according to Euronorm EN – 13445
  • Maximum operating pressure: 7 bar
  • Design pressure: 8 bar
  • Test pressure: 16 bar
  • Material: Single element body made of carbon steel with a pumped bottom
  • Approximate measurements (mm): ~ 3000 L x 1000 W x 2000 h (including cabinet)

An electrical resistance

  • Power: 108 kw
  • Stages: 5 Warm-up Stages
  • Type: Low density (3.5 W / cm2) in order to avoid oil coking
  • Provided with a connection box separated from the heater body
  • Submerged length: 2500 mm
  • Extension: 150 mm
  • Material: AISI-321 stainless steel forks, DN-250 PN25 carbon steel flange P-250-GH DIN2527
  • Line voltage: 3Ph 400V 50 Hz
  • Electrical installation included

Safety (solidarity and mounted on the boiler)

  • 1x Differential pressure switch
  • 1x Pressure switch for maximum pressure
  • 2x Ø 63 0-6 bar pressure gauges with glycerin, expansion rods and shut-off taps
  • 1x Safety valve PN40. Flange connection DN-20. Maximum pressure 7.5 bar
  • 3x PT-100 type temperature probes
  • 3x Thermowells for temperature probes
  • Electrical installation

An electrical cabinet (solidarity and mounted on the boiler)

  • Control: Through 3 microprocessor regulators
  • Box: Rittal RAL 7035
  • Designed and built according to UNE-EN 60439-1 / UNE-EN 60204-1 / EN 50081
  • Includes emergency stop
  • Regulation through contactors, except one stage that will be regulated with three thyristors (SSR)
  • Line voltage: 3Ph 400V + N 50 Hz
  • Electrical installation: Wiring to all elements (except expansion tank switch)

One thermal fluid recirculation pump (mounted on the boiler)

  • Brand: ALLWEILER
  • Model: NTT-40-200
  • Flow: ˜30 m3 / h
  • Manometric height: 4 bar
  • Motor power: 7.5 kW
  • Delivery: On bench
  • Working temperature: Up to 350ºC
  • Manufacture: Spheroidal cast iron GS-42 according to DIN 24256
  • Mechanical Closing
  • Line voltage: 3Ph 400V 50 Hz
  • Electrical installation: Yes

Boiler body valve (solidarity and mounted on the boiler)

  • 2 x Stop valves. Bellows version with safety glands. Flange connection DN-50 PN-16
  • 1 x Orifice plate. Flange connection DN-50 PN-16
  • 1 x Impurity collector filter. Flange connection DN-50 PN-16
  • 1 x Check valve, flange connection DN-50 PN-16
  • 1 x Gate valve for draining
  • ASTM A106 GrB drawn seamless steel pipe, as well as fittings, neck flanges, bends, reductions, graphite joints, bolts with nuts, etc.

An electric pump for filling and draining thermal fluid

Supply of an electric pump set for filling and emptying the thermal fluid from the boiler and the circuit, made up of the following elements:

  • 1 x reversible pump for filling and emptying of thermal oil. 0.5 CV motor
  • 3 x ball valves for filling and emptying system

Thermal isolation

  • Made of ROCLAINE rock wool shells
  • Thickness of 60 mm for pipes up to DN-65 in diameter and thickness of 80mm for the remaining
  • Anodized aluminum plates (AlMg1 H14), highly resistant to corrosion

A thermal fluid expansion tank

  • Capacity: 200 liters
  • Horizontal and cylindrical execution
  • Atmospheric type
  • Designed and built according to EN-13445 code
  • Approval and CE marking According to European Directive 2014/68 / EU
  • Approximate measurements: Diameter of 500 mm, total length: 1230 mm
  • Materials: Made of S-275-JR quality carbon steel plate with pumped bottoms and provided with the following elements: Thermal fluid inlet and outlet derivations, a vacuum breaker valve, a relief valve.

The tank capacity can be checked once the total volume of thermal oil in the circuit is known.

Documents included

  • CE declaration of conformity
  • Quality plan
  • List of materials
  • Visual and dimensional inspections certificate
  • Material certificate type 2.2 or type 3.1 / B according to EN-10204
  • Manufacturer’s certificate of correct film temperature
  • Specification of the welding procedure
  • Welding procedure report
  • Homologation certificate from the welders
  • Welding section test certificate
  • Hydraulic test report
  • Radiographic report (only if required)
  • Electrical test report
  • Technical description of operation
  • Lay-out with weight, connections and general dimensions
  • Assembly instructions and drawings including: dimensions, size of connections and positions, dimensions of fixings, dimensions of disassembled components with access points, static loads, etc.
  • Technical manuals
  • Operation and start-up manual
  • Electrical diagrams
  • PI. & D
  • Instructions for handling (loading and unloading)
  • Regulatory signs in boiler room


A used and properly renovated thermal oil boiler may be the best purchase option in some cases, especially when a boiler is needed as soon as possible to avoid interruptions and delays in the production process, or when the customer wants to minimize the investment derived from acquiring a thermal fluid boiler.

In these cases, buying a used boiler may be the most efficient solution.

At Pirobloc we have fully renovated industrial boilers prepared for a second useful life, ready to ship at any time.

Fuel source conversions, as well as other specifications, can be requested.

Fast shipping

We are very aware of the urgency that usually occurs when a customer decides to buy a used boiler. That is why we do not wait until a reservation or purchase has been made for a proper inspection and renewal of the heater. We do all the work in advance to have the boiler ready at all times and to be able to send it to the customer’s premises as soon as possible.

Expert technical support

In addition to commissioning and shipping the boiler, you will receive all the advice and support you require from our team of technicians and engineers so that your production capacity returns to normal without unnecessary delay.


  • Storage tank heating
  • Extractions
  • Reactor tanks
  • Reheaters
  • Stamping presses
  • Industrial ovens and fryers
  • Natural Gas handling
  • Sleeved tanks
  • Indirect steam generators
  • In line gases and liquids
  • Press moulds
  • Fuel oil and subproducts
  • Rollers
  • Building heaters
  • Autoclaves ovens

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