In 1977, we created PIROBLOC S.A. in order to manufacture high-quality thermal fluid boilers. Since then our company has been consolidating itself in the international market and acquired broad experience in virtually all existing industrial applications.

In 1989, we decided to expand to the international market and opted to move into neighboring countries such as Portugal and France, as well as Central American countries.

Today, Pirobloc operates on 5 continents and is a world leader in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of thermal oil boilers, as well as of all those activities necessary to put into operation reliable, efficient and safe industrial heating systems.

We have carried out more than 1500 installations in more than 80 different countries and we are capable of taking on projects of all types and size for any industrial or service sector.

Pirobloc in the world


Commitment to finding the best thermal solutions for the industry. Integrating talent, knowledge, management, and technology in a permanent way.


  • To be a global reference in equipment and thermal fluid systems.
  • To stand out in innovation or R+D+i2, quality, efficiency, service, and safety.
  • Committed to our customers, society, and the environment.


  • Respect for all people and diversity in general.
  • Applying business ethics to our dealings.
  • Promoting the abilities and full professional development of our team.
  • Nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation.
  • Respect for the environment. Reducing environmental impact.
  • Safety, quality, efficiency, and reliability as the axes to guarantee our clients’ success.

Your trusted partner

You can access the map of Pirobloc in the world to consult all those countries in which we have made our installations.

  • More than 1,500 installations
  • Installations in more than 80 countries
  • Present on 5 continents
  • 85% of loyal customers
  • 40% average increase in productivity of our customers
  • 25% average saving on operating costs


Pirobloc has different international certifications that prove the quality of our products and facilities:


R+D Department

It handles updates to the design of our boilers and the creation of new prototypes, working in the future in the medium and long term.

It provides technology and more modern software tools for the calculation and design of our equipment.

Procurement Department

It ensures the provision of the materials needed within an appropriate period for the correct execution of your project.

It performs audits and the monitoring of our suppliers, ensuring the qualities of procurement materials.

Please enter suggestions for improving the components and parts of our products.

SAT Department

We have a large and qualified Technical Support department. It performs preventative and corrective maintenance of its facilities.

It carries out annual reviews of our products and maintenance services. Using computerized systems you can discover the state of their machines, even operating them remotely.

Engineering Department

It is responsible for ensuring the correct design of our equipment for each particular case, both hydraulic and thermodynamic. It determines the compatibility between a boiler and consumers and carries out a detailed project with all the specification of materials and parameters of a given application.

It is in charge of preparing the technical documentation and operating manual that accompanies a boiler.

It is in charge of developing studies and technical and energy reports on existing or future facilities, at the request of our customers or companies.

Projects Department

It is responsible for the planning of your project as well as correct progress by the different departments of the company’s and coordination between them.

Finance Department

It is responsible for payment terms with you, as well as ensuring the solvency of the company for carrying out all types of projects.

Sales Department

If you wish to know more about us and our technology and teams, we are here to inform you about the product that best suits your needs and later to draw up a commercial offer that suits your requirements.

It performs tasks concerning marketing and organization of trade fairs, etc.

Logistics Department

Increasingly important, is the department responsible for the coordination of the tasks of loading, packing and transit by land, sea and air.

It ensures the necessary means for your project to progress perfectly, as well as the protection of our machines in transit.

Production Department

It initiates and performs the execution and final assembly of its product.

It is responsible for the repairs that may need to be carried out in our products and also in boilers and exchangers of other manufacturers, be they thermal fluid or steam.

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We are efficient

We aim to increase productivity, reduce costs and respect the environment.

We are expert

More than 40 years of experience and 1500 projects worldwide.

We are trusted

More than 1000 clients from a wide range of industrial sectors and services.

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