Industrial heating system

Industrial heating systems with thermal fluid

We design, manufacture, and install industrial heating systems that operate with thermal fluid. Each project is designed to achieve maximum energy efficiency and optimize the productive capacity of our clients. The efficiency of our thermal oil systems, combined with our extensive experience, allows us to deliver customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Trust Pirobloc to enhance the efficiency of your operation with high-performance industrial heating systems.

Industrial Heating

Industrial heating systems consist of a circuit that combines the technologies necessary to provide heat effectively to a determined industrial production process, guaranteeing the quality of the end product, maximizing productivity and minimizing energy costs.

At Pirobloc, we design and install industrial heating systems tailored to the needs of each of our customers, optimizing at all times the following parameters: efficiency, safety and reliability.

The efficiency of an industrial heating system is determined by its capacity to comply with the quality requirements in the manufacturing process of a given product. These systems include all the elements and technologies needed to heat or melt a certain product.

The energy efficiency of an industrial heating system is a key aspect, since said system should be capable of manufacturing a product with the expected quality standards and with the lower energy consumption. Efficient industrial heating systems allow initiating a production process with reduced energy requirements for each unit of heated product at a certain temperature.

Industrial heating systems tend to be designed around 4 main energy sources:

  • Technologies based on heating fuels (thermal oil)
  • Technologies based on electricity.
  • Water-steam-based technologies.
  • Hybrid processes.

At Pirobloc we have a wide range of technologies that allow us to design the most efficient system for each industrial heating system:

  • Thermal fluid boilers
  • Thermal oil
  • Heat exchangers
  • Preheating furnaces
  • Heating skids
  • Expansion tanks
  • Recovery boilers
  • Thermal fluid electric boilers
  • Steam boilers
  • Steam electric boilers

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