Our electric thermal fluid heaters are designed to cover the low power range not covered by our GFT line of thermal fluid boilers for conventional fuels. The heat in our range of electric thermal fluid heaters is provided by electrical boilers and therefore guarantees a 100% yield for the energy consumed.

We use very low density electrical heaters (to minimize thermal fluid breakdown) and solid state relays for modulating power regulation.

Our electric thermal fluid heaters are supplied as a compact unit on a platform containing all equipment components, including the expansion tank if transport permits. The platform has profiles that perform as a spill tray to contain any leakage of thermal fluid. All the equipment is supplied with thermal insulation of a highly corrosion resistant aluminum film coating. They can be equipped with two recirculation pumps, one as reserve.

The main difference between this and a gas or steam boiler is the energy source used to heat the thermal fluid to the required temperature. While gas, oil or diesel boilers have a burner which sprays or injects the fuel, in electric thermal fluid heaters, which do not have a flame, the heat is provided by electrical resistors.

The efficiency of our electrical and thermal fluid heaters is 100% of the energy consumed. Normally, choice of this type of boiler is due to lack of other energy sources at the installation’s location or intended location, to cover small power requirements and/or in applications where continuous heating of a process is not needed.

When to select and install an electric thermal oil heater

Electric thermal oil heaters offer great efficiency when the production process requires a high temperature industrial heating system with precise temperature control. They are commonly used in industrial processes where the temperature must be maintained at a constant level for extended periods.

Some of the main benefits of electric thermal oil boilers are:

  • Energy Efficiency: Electric thermal oil heaters are highly efficient in transferring thermal energy to the oil, thanks to which the amount of energy required to maintain the desired temperature is reduced, which translates into lower operating costs.
  • Precise temperature control: Electric thermal oil boilers offer precise temperature control, which is essential in many industrial processes. The temperature can be controlled within a very narrow range, ensuring that the process is carried out precisely and consistently.
  • Security: Electric thermal oil boilers offer a plus of security, since there is no open flame or combustion. This eliminates the risk of fire or explosion, so these boilers are an excellent option to consider in particularly risky and dangerous environments.
  • Low maintenance: Electric thermal oil heaters require little maintenance, since they have no moving parts. This reduces the need for regular maintenance and minimizes downtime.

On the other hand, the operating costs must always be evaluated before taking a decission.

  • The operating costs of electric thermal oil boilers can be lower than those of gas boilers in some cases, especially if the price of natural gas is high, or if electricity rates are low.
  • As mentioned before, electric thermal oil heaters are very efficient in transferring thermal energy to the oil, which means that less energy consumption is required to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Additionally, these boilers can be combined with a thermal energy storage system, allowing the user to generate heat during off-peak hours, when energy rates are lowest, and then use that stored heat during peak hours, when energy rates are higher.


Technical features

  • Horizontal version
  • Operating pressure: 7 bar
  • Test pressure: 16 bar
  • Operating temperature: 300°C

Standard components

  • Main thermal fluid recirculation pump from ALLWEILER
  • SIEMENS electrical panel
  • TRAFAG pressure switches

Optional executions

  • Vertical version
  • Operating pressure: 20 bar
  • Operating temperature: 400°C
  • Remote management
  • ATEX compliant
  • Customized versions


Our electric thermal oil heaters consist of one or more immersion type heaters, housed in their respective tubes made of ASTM A 106 Gr B carbon steel, of 300mm in length to dissipate the temperature. The connection box is housed at one of the ends. These are low density heaters for the degradation of the thermal fluid that circulates around them.

The electrical heaters consist of many components and are always greater in number and power for the unit size.

Our electric thermal oil heaters are manufactured with various thermal jumps via a suitable recirculation pump to be able to comply with the process requirements in terms of flow and power at all times. The pressure drop is less than 1 bar between the equipment inlet and outlet valves.

The control cabinet is fully wired to all components and safety features in the system. The heaters are controlled by contactors or SSR solid-state relays. These solid-state relays control the voltage of the resistors via half-single cycles (HSC) mode, i.e., the half-cycles of the voltage sine wave connects or disconnects at variable times.

The operation is completely automatic and the user selects the desired temperature switch only. This type of control provides extremely high precision in the regulation and stability of the process temperature.

In this case, the boiler body is a normally cylindrical shell containing a resistor in its interior, the two being joined by flanges and the chamber being closed and filled with oil.

When the boiler body is full of oil, it is only necessary to power up the electrical cabinet to connect the resistor for heating the thermal fluid to the required temperature. In this type of boiler, the heating power comes from the power of the electrical resistors used.

Another important element, outside the body of the boiler is the pump to move the fluid being heated. The pump’s purpose is to keep the fluid in constant movement inside the boiler and so prevent it cracking, as well as to send it at a high temperature to all the consumer apparatuses.

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