What is a P&ID?

P&ID is defined as a diagram of piping and instrumentation and it shows the process flow in pipes, as well as, the equipment installed and instrumentation.

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How to simplify for small Biot numbers

In the analysis of heat transfer processes, some bodies can be considered to behave as a unit, with an internal temperature essentially uniform (although not constant) at all times during the heat transfer process.

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Advection inside thermal hidraulics

When speaking about the transfer of any physical property, in general three basic concepts of transport are considered: molecular, advective and convective. The concept of convection is considered a combination of molecular transport and advective transport.

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ASME Certificate

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) created the ASME certificates, an internationally recognized certification for professionals in the sectors where standards have to comply with the maximum guarantee of design, manufacturing and quality.

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Thermal oil characteristics

Thermal fluid oils are basically used to carry heat from a given location to another, after being preheated by any method able to do it, whether if it is a burner, or resistance, etc. They are also called heat transfer fluids, of thermal transfer or, HTF from English.

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