Oil Wave

HTF heaters

Basically HTF heaters are industrial hot oil boilers where a heat transfer fluid, HTF, is circulating into a two concentric helical coils. The combustion of a fuel as natural gas, light oil, heavy fuel oil, or other, produces a flame that heats these coils by convection and radiation. Even there are also available on the market dual burners in order to choice the more convenient fuel. Through main pumps the HFT Heaters supply heat transfer fluid at a certain temperature to the different consumers.

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caldera fluido termico

Flow control in thermal fluid electric heaters

The thermal fluid electric boilers from the hydraulic point of view, reasonably resemble to a shell and tube heat exchanger, wherein the tube bundle is replaced by the set of forks which are electrically feed to heat the oil circulating in the shell.

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Thermal oil boilers

Industrial uses of thermal oil

The thermal heating system represents a technological revolution in relation to other conventional systems. The industrial uses of thermal oil provide a wide range of advantages, allowing for advanced heat control systems, far greater performance and economy, which may be adapted to the specific and concrete needs of each industrial activity.

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Characteristics of electric steam boilers

The rising cost of oil and climate change, in addition to a host of other social and environmental factors, have obliged humans to develop new high-performance power plants, in relation to which electric steam boilers play a major role. This device is a heat generator which uses electricity as a source of power instead of the traditional burning of combustibles.

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