Thermal oil heaters with value

From an interview with Mr. Michael E. Porter, an international authority on competitive strategy, to choose the price of a product, it must be fixed before “an emotional and rational…

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Heat transfer fluid sample device

One of the most common preventive maintenance operations in thermal fluid circuits is sampling a fluid for analysis. PIROBLOC provides you a device specially designed to do properly this operation. The…

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Expansion tanks ASME for thermal fluid

The construction material of the expansion tanks ASME for thermal fluid is ASTM A 516 Gr 60, allowing a total thickness corrosion of 3 mm. Manhole equipped of 24 “150 lbs, as well as the nitrogen inlet for pressurization and inerting of the circuit. They include all control valves and pressure transmitters for the regulation of the split range.

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Solar thermal energy

Increasingly, alternative energy, the solar thermal energy in this case becomes a viable alternative energy source . Pirobloc has taken part in a significant number of projects related to this…

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