Heat transfer fluid sample device

One of the most common preventive maintenance operations in thermal fluid circuits is sampling a fluid for analysis.

PIROBLOC provides you a device specially designed to do properly this operation. The temperature of the sample, the correct extraction point, accessibility and security are guaranteed with this system.

It is an effective, safe and simple method for obtaining representative samples without process interruption. This heat transfer fluid sample device notably minimizes potential fire hazards derived from to do this operation in an inappropriate way.

Traditionally, this operation is done by disassembling measurement instrumentation and using shut off valves to extract the required samples. Maintenance staff to perform this operation endangers himself and the installation.

Heat transfer fluid sample device Heat transfer fluid sample device

Heat transfer fluid device

It can be installed in the general line of the installation (inlet or outlet pipe).
Its operation is very simple. Initially, the valves A and C are closed. When we want to draw the thermal fluid sample, we open the valve A until partially fill the expansion bottle of the system. After let cool the fluid on the bottle; the valve B have to be open to eject the expansion flue gases. Then, making sure that the valve A is closed, we open the valve C and fill our container sampling once the thermal fluid is cold.

By this system of valves and small collecting vessel, we take out cleanly and safety the necessary samples for check the installation.

PIROBLOC, involved in zero accidents goal, offers this system in both new and existing installations.