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The chemical industry needs highly efficient and reliable heating solutions, as product quality depends largely on the performance of its heating systems.

Heating reactors is one of the main applications of thermal oil boilers. Reactors are also used in other sectors, such as food, but the chemical industry has a wide range of applications: e.g. chemistry, fine chemicals, cosmetics, pharmacy and paint.

These applications sometimes coincide with the need to heat other devices, such as heat exchangers, distillation columns, evaporators and tanks.

Each of the devices has a 3-way control valve for automatic and highly accurate regulation of the temperature. By simply selecting the set point temperature in the operator panel, the system automatically and proportionally regulates the flow of thermal oil entering the device to achieve the desired temperature.

The valve has a servomotor, which can be electric or pneumatic, to regulate the position of the shutters to follow a straight or return path in proportion to each other. Thus, the valve is fully open at all times, while the straight and return paths are inversely proportional. When the straight path is open at 70%, the return path is at 30%, which returns directly to the boiler. This simple system can provide a temperature regulation accuracy of ± 1°C.

In circuits having several devices at different temperatures, a secondary group is also available through a recirculation pump. This apparatus makes it is possible to work within the whole range of temperatures, due to differences between the different devices in the facility.

As in all thermal oil circuits, an expansion tank is provided which collects and absorbs the expansion of the thermal fluid to prevent it being pressurised. This tank is usually connected to the collection tank. A reversible pump associated with the collection tank allows both filling and emptying of the circuit.

Pirobloc offers comprehensive and customised thermal fluid solutions that cover all heating system needs for the chemical industry.

In all cases, heating using boilers is the best option. The main diagram usually followed by this type of application is illustrated next.


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