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Pirobloc provides efficient, safe and custom solutions to heat water in industrial laundries, qhich can be usually found in:



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Industrial laundry is one of the characteristic applications of thermal oil boilers, as they are the most efficient and reliable method for providing the necessary washing process temperatures.

The thermal oil is heated in the boiler using a closed thermal fluid circuit and distributed to different devices and laundry machines, such as calenders, dryers and drying tunnels.

The same thermal oil boilers are used for the production of steam for the washing tunnel and/or hot water for the washing machines. The hot water required for general use in a hotel can also be produced, in the case of the hotel industry.

The system offers numerous advantages compared to the traditional steam system. Among the most significant are:

  • Higher performance
  • Greater safety
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower maintenance (no water treatment, corrosion or rusting)
  • Lower operating costs

Also, of course, any combination or number of calenders, dryers and hot water storage tanks can exist simultaneously. In this case, it is usual to have several associated thermal oil boilers in the same circuit. It is also possible to have equipment in reserve in case of failure. In the case of several boilers, the operation is completely automatic and only the outlet temperature needs be selected. From this value, the management of the boilers is completely intelligent. The available fuels are both gaseous and liquid, and can even be mixed.

Pirobloc has designed and installed thermal oil heating solutions for numerous hotels and industrial laundries.

The following components are shown from left to right in the diagram:

  • Heat exchanger for the production of hot water, whether for washing or heating. Hot water storage tank, usually for production and storage of hot water for washing. It is a stainless-steel tank to store hot water at a temperature of about 70°C. A tube bundle arranged in the interior through which thermal oil circulates increases and maintains the tank temperature.
  • Vaporiser: This device provides the necessary steam for washing machines or the washing tunnel using thermal oil.
  • Calender: The industrial iron works directly with thermal oil and with a temperature difference of only about 5°C between the input and output. This makes it highly productive as it provides high ironing speeds with high quality.
  • Dryer: As above, this works directly with thermal oil.

The usual thermal fluid boiler heating system scheme is as follows:


Lavadoras industriales Pirobloc
Lavanderia industrial Pirobloc

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