Approaches to design a boiler

Traditionally the boilers used in all the industrial sectors were of steam.

When they begin to arise the boilers of thermal oil as alternative to the heating with steam in Spain, PIROBLOC was pioneer in this type of technology, not only using the imagination to create an own design, but also thinking of other important parameters, besidesoffering the vertical alternative to the existent horizontality in the market.

In the design of a boiler they are important the hydraulic and thermodynamic simulations of the same one, under certain conditions given “a priori”; the correct calculations of the chimneys in relation to the combustion chamber and the dimensions of the pipe of installation of the boiler, besides the exhaustive calculations of the pressure body and its curvature. On the other hand, a thermal correct insulation of the boiler body will avoid leaks of heat and it will contribute to a more efficient yield of the group, as well as to a saving of fuel.

Lastly, a correct selection of the materials of production will be essential to obtain a “brilliant product”.