ASME Certificate


One of the main points to consider when choosing a thermal fluid generator or an industrial boiler is to be clear that complies with international standards. With this objective, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) created the ASME certificates, an internationally recognized certification for professionals in the sectors where standards have to comply with the maximum guarantee of design, manufacturing and quality. This confidence in ASME design code can be understood largely by having more than 125,000 signed members.

ASME certifications cover a wide range of industrial equipment: within Section VIII we find Division 1: to manufacture pressure vessels such as thermal oil boilers, heat exchangers, vaporizers and vessels, for example.

This division includes the section reference codes:

  • SECTION IIA: Ferrous materials.
  • SECTION IIB: Non-ferrous materials.
  • SECTION IIC: Welding materials.
  • Section IID: Material properties.
  • SECTION V: Nondestructive tests.
  • SECTION VIII: Rules for construction of pressure vessels.
  • Section IX: Welding and Brazing qualification. (This refers specifically to welding, welder qualification, qualification of welding procedures for pressure vessels).

ASME certifications are not a mere formality. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is an organization that is governed by strict protocols. It is a professional organization that promotes the practice of mechanical and multidisciplinary engineering. It develops codes and standards to improve the knowledge of engineering and technology within the frame of security and continuous quality.

For all the above mentioned, it ensures that any organization with ASME certification meets the maximum controls of design and manufacture execution. Therefore, the obtaining of certificates is not available to certain manufacturers and installers.

ASME Pirobloc

Pirobloc is one of the few companies that hold the ASME certificate, in everything related to the design, construction, inspection and testing of boilers and pressure vessels. That places Pirobloc as a leader in the sector, by providing products and services of quality, safety, reliability and efficiency.

This certification is a total guarantee internationally recognized, which ensures the consideration of top quality product of pressure vessels made and distributed by the company. Therefore, we invite you to fill out the attached form to obtain more information about the products offered by Pirobloc.