What is an electrical steam boiler?

In our post about Pirobloc electrical steam boilers on 2008 we already spoke about the renewed this type of boilers, whose basic characteristics resides in that the energetic source that we used for the steam production is the electricity.

The body of the boiler, in this case, is greater with respect to the dimensions of the resistance that it lodges because it has a double function: the central and inferior part where the electrical resistance lodges, it is plenty of water; and the top of the tank body becomes a chamber that contains the steam produced thanks to the heating.

Logically, whichever major is the body-tank of the boiler, the camera will be able to lodge major quantity of steam and/or of greater quality: the steam will be very drier as it has minor direct contact with the surface of the water, inside the body of the boiler.

In this type of boilers, the thermal power is given to us by the power of the used electrical resistances, being their efficiency of the 100% of the consumed energy.

In reference to the pump, it will be of water in this type of boilers, for the feeding of the boiler body from public-supply water, from a tank in which it has been treated or decalcified, and to make the steam production.

Finally and because it is a steam machine, we would like to remember to you that it will be necessary to locate this boiler specifically in a room placed at a certain distance of the general walk of people, advising you to follow the rest of indications of location and use with regard to this type of machines under pressure.