What is a electrical thermal oil boiler?

Following our previous blog, in which we introduced the concept of thermal oil boiler of gas, diesel oil or heavy fuel oil, today we will explain to you what is an electrical thermal oil boiler.

The main difference between this one and that ones is the energetic source that we use to reach the thermal fluid required temperature: While in conventional boilers at natural gas, diesel or heavy fuel oil, we have a burner that injects or pulverizes fuels, in the electrical boilers, where a flame does not exist, the heat is provided by an electrical resistance.

The body of the boiler, in this case, is usually made up of a cylindrical shell, in the interior of which it is placed a resistance, united both by connection flanges which close the chamber that we will fill of oil.

Once the body of the boiler is filled of oil, you will simply turn on the control paneland so, the resistance will begin to warm up the thermal oil to the required temperature. In this type of boilers, the thermal power is given by the used electrical resistances power.

Another important and also external element to the body of the boiler, it is the pump of impulsion of the fluid that we are warming up. The pump also serves to maintain a constant movement of the fluid inside the coils of the furnace and in the circuit, as well as to send it warms up until each consuming machine.

This type of boilers has an efficiency of the 100% of the consumed energy, although it is certain that, generally, it is the most expensive energy in almost all the markets, and therefore, to the cost of purchase of the equipment will be necessary to add the consumption in electricity that you think that you will use, to calculate the investment to make.

This is the reason why generally, its election is normally due to the lack of other fuels in the area where it is or it is going to be placed; or to cover small powers requirements and/or to be used in facilities where the process heating needs are not continuous.

In our next blog, we will speak about our electrical steam heaters.