How extend the life of your heater

Every manufacturer has its own boiler design. Its technology will make the life of the boiler to be longer or shorter, as well as efficient in reference to the heated circuit.

In addition to its design, other factors also influence in a long life of the thermal oil heater, such as the following:

  • To use an oil in good working conditions, and thus, in good heat transfer conditions. So, we recommend that you periodically do an analysis of its status. Remember that if you have to change the oil in the facility at the end of its useful life, there are companies in the market whose business is oil free collection and reusing of it.
  • To know and to pay attention to the alarms and controls of the boiler:  it is not an option to by-pass the warnings and / or alarms. In case of alarm, ask the manufacturer of the boiler.
  • To perform a proper preventive maintenance and annual control of the heater, consisting on the control of the right combustion and the smoke composition, flue gas temperature, working pressures and temperatures, etc.
  • To control the consumption of the pump and the flow of service as well as, to check the heat transfer fluid leaks.
  • To check the condition of the insulation body of the boiler and installation of thermal fluid.
  • To keep clean of soot inside the boiler, pipes and / or exhaust gas grills: A good ventilation of the boiler is essential for its proper functioning.

We hope that these tips will be useful to work in the best conditions for a long time.