First company in the Spanish sector with quality ASME certification

Pirobloc, a manufacturer company of thermal oil heaters for industrial use, has recently obtained the ASME quality certification (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), while in possession of the quality certification according to ISO 9001: 2008.

The first step to reach the certification (as said in the previous blog), is to decide which of our processes you would like to certify under such standard of quality, since the ASME classifies equipment or products in Sections and Divisions, finally granting:

  • a metal Stamp, to be used to mark with a letter the technical nameplate contained in products manufactured under the chosen design code, which can be “R”, “S”, “U”, etc… , and
  • a Certificate of authorization to manufacture under the corresponding design code.

So, to buy a boiler manufactured according to ASME stamp, involves the certification of the following qualities:

  1. Manufacturing under the standards of the “x” design code
  2. A qualified and certified staff to carry out the work
  3. The traceability of the materials used in the manufacture of the product subject to certification
  4. The realization of non-destructive tests during the manufacturing of the stamped products
  5. Registration of non-conformities
  6. Monitoring of standards during the manufacturing processes

See you on the next publication.