Frequency variator on thermal fluid pump motor

Frequency variator on thermal fluid pump motor is a simple action that can save the operating costs of a thermal fluid heater. Usually the higher electric power consumption in thermal oil installations takes place in the main pump motor. PIROBLOC aware of the importance on the energy efficiency proposes, depending on the type of process, the option of applying variable speed pumps in the main installation of thermal fluid.

The application of this technology in centrifugal pump motors allows energy saving. Proportionality Law that manage these systems, involve the dependence of flow, pressure and power consumption to motor revolutions.

Furthermore offer the following advantages:

  • Accurate control of flow and pressure.
  • Power factor correction of the motor.
  • Reactive energy removal.
  • Allows starting relatively large motors, avoiding star-delta starter.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Minimizes vibration system.

For instance, a frequency variator can reduce power consumption up to 60% by varying the motor speed. For example, a centrifugal pump running at 80% speed only consumes half the energy compared with other one working at full capacity.

PIROBLOC, focused on energy efficiency, offers this system in both new and existing installations.