Fuel Saving


That in a heating process with thermal fluid fuel consumption is between 20 and 25% lower than with steam.

Of course you did. Despite and maybe because not everybody did, I’m not get bored to repeat. Nowadays energy and industry are focused in the climatic change, fuel fossil exhaustion and in its consequent price increase. Then, to choose the suitable technological option to heat up a process becomes the key not just for our planet but also for our pocket.

Still there are many companies and process burning more than 20% strictly needed. The global efficiency of one indirect heating installation is 65 – 70%. That is to say more than 30% of the energy is get lost. Third part of it is getting lost by the chimney. Exhaust recoveryhas to be develop notably in the coming years. But this is not the topic of today. The worst is the other 20% of the whole burnt fuel. Condensates and steam traps are in charge of it.

The good new is that this same process heated up by hot oil will have a global efficiency of 90%. The other 10% is getting lost again by the stack. But that’s all. Is not phase change, nor condensates recovery, nor steam traps. It’s just a closed circuit.