How being more sustainable

With the change of century, the Spanish public institutions promoted the development and investigation of renewable energies.

Today an agenda could be established on its promotion: Some years ago they began with the wind power which continues its expansion gradually; it is nowadays continued with the promotion of the manufacture and consumption of bio-fuels, to which many companies are added by the incentives promised by the Spanish government. To finish, it seems that the solar energy is the great bargain now. On the other hand, Spanish companies are really well internationally positioned in reference to the treatment of the water and its operation.

As the main technology of our company is based on the thermal oil as heat transmission vehiclewe always advised to our clients that once the useful life of the oil is finished, this one be sent to recycling plants. In that way. they still valorize it for being used in very specific motors of electrical production plants.

The thermal oils, being of mineral or synthetic origin, they can not be used in the manufacture of bio-diesel as inform to us a manager of one of the main production plants at national level. Although its recovery is a very minority activity, it is a small step for the environmental sustainability that all the user companies of these oils can make.

Other oils, like vegetable for frying, they are used in the process of production of bio-diesel for the car industry, although the quantity of bio-fuel produced from them represents a very small percentage with respect to the rest of the production, which is based on oily plants.

From year 2007, the production of bio-fuels has been increased and the market has matured. Today, the industry is in a phase of debate on the efficiency of the different biomasses and applicable technologies.

We invited to you to visit the following link to the Directive 2009/28/CE, on requirements of sustainability and promotion of the use of renewable sources energy.