An interesting article about chips

Following our last blogs, I would like to treat today the use of the thermal fluid in the food industry and concretely to ask your attention on an article published in the Spanish magazine ALIMENTACIÓN Equipos y Tecnología, nº 233. This article speaks about the correct manipulation of the potato like primary element and base of a great industryin Spain and also in other countries like Poland (origin country of part of this article) like the snack sector.

It comes off the article, that in the process of production of the fried potatoes (chips), it is necessary to have in consideration the quality and characteristic of them, that they can vary according to the rain of the origin area, composition of the floor, etc., but it is also necessary to have into account the temperature of the fry oil which should be about 180º C if we want to obtain a final good product to the palate. The most efficient way to achieve that temperature, preserving the possible maximum time the useful life of the vegetable oil used to fry, it is using indirect heat production systems, as thermal fluid heaters through white oils as heat transfer fluids.

We recommend the reading of this article for all people interested in the topic at background level.