New ATEX heater of Pirobloc

PIROBLOC already has in operation a new thermal fluid heater in which their components fulfill ATEX rules (for facilities in atmospheres with explosion risk). In this occasion, we have supplied again for the petrochemical sector, a thermal fluid unit which it develops a nominal power of 2.000.000 kcal/h.

Its start up in a crude extraction plant in the North of Africa, it allows to optimize the treatment of the petroleum crude in the process made between the stages of separation of high and medium pressure, which it is usually made in this type of plants.

The limit of provision in this case, has reached to the body of the heater (designed according with ASME code, as well as the expansion and collection tanks) and to the burner, the recirculation pump, the electrical panel and the motor-driven reversible pump, components all of them that fulfill ATEX rules.

With this type of special executions, PIROBLOC wondered if it would be necessary to change our external design for this special line of product or continuing with our particular and characteristic colour with which we are identified in the market…

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