New regulation of machines under pressure

The Regulation of machines under pressure has been modified by the R.D. 2060/2008 that was published in the BOE nº 31 of 05th/02/09 and which will enter in force the 05th/08/2009. With this modification, the E.U. try that every national regulations of machines under pressure of each country, they converge progressively in an unique European common regulation.

The contributed modifications are made in order to approach the Regulation of Installation of Equipments working under Pressure (used by the installers of equipment of these characteristics in Spain) to the European Directive 97-23-EC (used by the manufacturers of equipments of these characteristics, at European level), using similar concepts at which appear in the E.D. 97-23-EC .

It’s also pursued the uniformity to the values of the pressure tests, in reference to the differences that existed until this moment between both norms. They change the following categories:

• About the boilers: from type A, B and C, they convert into 1st and 2nd class, although the criteria to determine the category are similar.


• About the installer companies.

• About the titles and attributions.

• The periodicity of the inspections with or without pressure test.

• They exist now 3 levels of tests, existing before 2 types.

• The periods of application change.

• It appears the figure of the Agent, who will be the organism in charge to make the tests.

• They change the organisms which apply the test, with more participation of the OCA’s (Authorized Control Organism).

• It changes the design of the plates.

There will be changes in reference to equipment and securities, but in a less way.

Do not hesitate to consult us the projects that you have in mind and how the new regulation can affect to them.