Sol PIMA Plan for promoting energy rehabilitation of hotel industry

The reason for this blog is to inform all of you about the approval of Royal Decree 635/2013 of August, by which the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, launched a new campaign to improving the facilities in the hotel sector, with the aim of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

Both PIROBLOC clients in this sector, such as hotel establishments with industrial boiler installation can count on our engineering department for studies on improving or streamlining their thermal oil and steam installations. This is achieved not only a performance improvement of the property, but also their energy savings. We invite you to visit the following link where you can read more about the referral program:

The long experience in generator design and implementation of heat facilities enable us to carry out technical studies on compliance with the current requirements that the law requires for your facilities.

Do not miss this chance to improve, streamline or renovate their facilities taking advantage of such plan.