Spanish aids for technological R+D

To apply the innovation to our processes is essential for our enterprise fabric, not only like source of creation of new companies with singular products or services, but also to make sure a certain competitive level in the existing global market and within the sector where the company works, in the medium or long-term. Basically it is essential to contribute with new ideas, creative and differential ones, commit with external and internal communication channels at disposition.

In order to support the costs of this activity, the Public Administrations offer several programs of financial support, directly or through specific institutions, to which you must to present essentially the following documents :

  • Explanatory memory that shapes the newness contributed to the market, not being permissible like innovation, the contribution of a change to an already existing machine.
  • The project must be calculated in terms of technological risk costs (operation tests, simulations, etc.).
  • Countable memory.
  • The manufacture must follow the “rules of the art”.
  • The industry councils of the CC.AA as well as the respective Chambers of Commerce can inform to you directly into the different subsidies that the Public Administration offers through Mº de Ciencia y Tecnología or the ICO. All them offer subvention programs for technological development .

On the other hand, the fiscal deduction of 8% maximum in the Impuesto de Sociedades (corporation tax) is another possible way from which the innovating company can benefit.

We invited to you to visit the web of Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial or call to the Depto. de Promoción Tecnológica, tel +34 91 581 55 18.

You can also visit the site of Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación.