Subvention for your installations maintenance

Commitment of PIROBLOC with the efficiency of the existing facilities and the power saving, we advise to our customers to carry out the preventive maintenance of their facilities. We put at their service the experience in the improvement of the efficiency of their electrical motors, burners combustion, etc…

We want to inform you that at the moment, the E.U. has started up a program to help the companies that wish to carry out investment in their facilities through the Trade Chambers of Europe. The Trade Chambers taking part in the program will supply to you the proceedings to access to such program.

The different Chambers of Commerce that have been integrated in the project, have already specialised technicians trained on the European project. For more information, please, check the following document about the CHANGE project.

In case of being interested in contracting the technical maintenance service of your thermal oil facilities, do not hesitate to put in contact with PIROBLOC.