Thermal oil heater: the best location

In the present article we would like to give some advices to consider at the moment of the constitution, possible construction and start up of a new production line or a new plant.These advices can result in a more efficient and rational way to raise the positioning of your production sources, such as the thermal fluid heater:

  • In the case of a new industrial plant in which the roof does not still exist and the heater has important dimensions, people usually takes advantage of the nonexistence roof to enter the heater. Please, consider to make an opening in the plant of the dimensions of the boiler, for possible future repairs or even for the moment in which the heater will be dismantled and in order to avoid to disassemble part of the tile roof in the future.
  • At the time of the thermal oil heater definitive positioning, it can be located near the consumer and/or of the working area of the staff in charge of its maintenance and monitoring. This action will revert in an economic saving as far as materials of installation and time used by that staff in the control of the boiler.
  • You must remember that we have boilers with vertical and horizontal design to save any difficulty of space you can have.
  • In reference to the fuel to be used in the burner of the boiler, you should remember that:
    • In case of using natural gas, you should avoid the placement of the heater in cellars. In this way, you would not have to make a forced ventilation installation, necessary to facilitate the combustion of the gas burner if placed in such places.
    • In case of use light oil or heavy fuel oil, you will need a storage tank for these fuels, reason why you can save the installation of an intermediate vessel if you install the heater the closest possible of the main fuel storage tank.
  • In reference to the necessary elements for the good operation of a thermal oil circuit, you should take into account one expansion and one collecting tanks of certain dimensions.
  • To finish and speaking about the chimney, remember that it must exceed minimum 1 meter over the surrounding buildings within a radius of 10 meters with respect to the axis of the chimney.

We are at your disposal to answer to your questions and commentaries.