The white oils and their uses in the industry (I)

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The raw oils are mixtures that contain thousands of different molecules. Because these complex mixtures are difficult to identify chemically, the oils are classified, according to the type of predominant hydrocarbon and their refinery process: paraffinical and naphthenics or aromatic.

The naphthenic oils are obtained directly from the refinement of the raw petroleum and they are practically free of paraffin (they only contain a 45%). This implies a constant flow of very low temperatures, essential characteristic in several applications. To obtain “refrigeration grade” naphthenics oils, they should be put under complex physical and chemical treatments as unparaffin, bleach, elimination of sulphur, treatments with acids and solvents,…

The paraffinic oils possess a 75% of paraffin and only 25% naphthenic and aromatics.

White oils

Next, we will speak about the white oils, and their applications will be treated on the next number of this blog.

The white oil is obtained starting from paraffinic fractions of mixed base or naphthenic one, depending on the definitive use. The process is carried out for vacuum-distillation, followed by several refinement processes, included a final purification with catalytic regeneration. Their applications are specially important in products that have direct and forced contact with the human being, for what should be no toxic, not to stain and nor to contaminate.

The highest purity white oil is free of not saturated components: it is colourless due to the inert chemically nature of the hydrocarbons contained in. On the other hand, these oils are obtained with a process of hydrogenation by that the content of aromatics decreases to values smaller than 0.1%.

The white oils can be of two types: for technician or industrial use and for medicinal use.

The medicinal white oil is colourless, odourless and insipid and it has chemical and thermal great stability. It is liquid slight paraffin and an excellent lubricant that presents a good adherence and greasiness.

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