High Efficiency Heaters

We proudly present our New High Efficiency Heaters

Efficiency, Safety and Reliability

Pirobloc designs and manufactures high performance heaters, up to 96%, including all the elements necessary for its operation.

This is a compact version ready for installation in the circuit. The system takes advan-tage of the smokes energy by preheating the combustion air through an exchanger. This exchanger is entirely made of stainless steel and it is resistant to corrosion.

Example of a 2000 kW heater with economizer

• High performance 95%
• Energy recovery
• Preheating of combustion air
• Compact execution
• Vertical or horizontal arrangement
• Fuel savings 6%
• Available powers from 1000 to
15000 kW
• Energy sources: natural gas, LPG,
synthesis gas, diesel, heavy fuel …
• CE marking
• Process temperature up to 350ºC
• Easy connection to circuit

• By-pass economizer
• ATEX execution
• Service temperature till 400ºC
• Custom executions
• Other design codes


• Port terminals
• Storage tanks heating
• Asphalt
• Reactors
• Petroleum and subproducts
• Flexography and rotogravure
• Oils and fats

• Resins
• Drying process
• Presses
• Fryers
• Industrial laundry
• Adhesives
• Textile
• Others

Yield: 88%

Yield: 95%